生長於香港, 曾經在旅遊和酒店業任職近10年, 我熱愛旅遊, 更喜歡幫助別人透過旅行去體驗不同國家的地理風景和文化的樂趣。

我和我的家人生活在Balwyn North已十三年,兩年前我們搬到了樹木繁茂的Templestowe區。 加盟 The Travel Store旅行社, 確實能夠為客戶提供高品質的服務而感到自豪, 因為它是一家經驗豐富及口碑優良的旅行社。

最難忘的個人旅行經歷是在1983年參觀宏偉的北京故宮, 雖然有點擠擁, 對於旅客來說,它是一個不能錯過的旅遊觀光點。

I was born in Hong Kong and have been in the travel and hotel industry for nearly 10 years. I have a true passion for travelling and love to help others experience the fun of travelling, other countries and their cultures.

After living in Balwyn North for over 13 years, my family moved to leafy Templestowe a couple years ago. I feel proud in joining The Travel Store because it will enable me to provide a high standard of service to all customers. The Travel Store – offering many years of experience as a Team.

My unforgettable travel experience is The Forbidden City, Beijing in 1983. It is still a must see for all travellers, even though a little crowded!