America through the eyes of a Teenager!

Starting in Melbourne with the busiest I have ever seen the airport. People everywhere!

Along with my family, we had one of the best family trips you could imagine.  After a long trip from Auckland to Los Angeles, and getting the car, we finally arrived at the hotel in Anaheim. The hotel from  the outside did not look big, but once checked in we discovered it was huge!  The Anabella Hotel, has it all, from the swimming pool for the kids to adult bars and Spas.  In fact two pools!

Large parking spaces on site, and hotel offers great service and clean room, not to mention walking distance to Disneyland and Carlifornia Park.

Disneyland was just amazing with the amount of rides and interaction for children and adults.  California Park, the newer of the two parks, where movies and rides (Cars) combine and make for a great time.  I particularly like Oz the Great and the Powerful…………

We also went to a NASCAR race……we even had the opportunity to sign the start / finish line stating your favourite driver!  
Universal Studios was our next adventure, and with the renovations complete – The King Kong,  part of the studios is now even more amazing.  Jurassic Park was great and now there are more rides further down the mountain side…lots and lots of escalators!  As part of the major tour they take you around the various “sets”  like On the Move, Bruce Almighty, Desperate Housewives and many more.

Overall I think this was the best family vacation ever!

Sarah – May 2013